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Eurobike 2015: Evil Insurgent 27.5, The Sexiest Bike at Eurobike 2015 Event

Have you found out the sexiest bike at Eurobike 2015 event? If not, maybe you need to step and stop at Evil Bikes booth because there is a sexy bike the Evil Insurgent 27,5. You will see a bike with bright yellow color there and many people starred at the bike. But, better you try to watch the black version of the bike and you will see the pure sexy bike as hell at the event. Have you seen that? What do you think? Sexy, right?

The new Evil Insurgent 27,5 is a 151mm travel bike and built using carbon material for the frame, full frame carbon. You can see that the bike is really clean, no welded there. Adopting the DELTA Suspension System, which looks a bit complicated but works nicely. The Evil Insurgent 27,5 is having a clean chain guide that straight intalled on the frame.

At the first sight, everyone knows that this is really a monster on a track. The Evil Insurgent 27,5 will be available both frame only option and also full bike option. The frame only option will be priced at €3299, while the fullbike option will started at €5000 – €6500 depending on spec. (pic: enduro-mtb.com)

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Eurobike 2015: Antidote CarbonJack Enduro Bike

Eurobike always gives the fans new many things, story to tell and also new parts and bikes for new year. With so many participated brands on the Eurobike 2015 event, it is easy and interesting to see how not-so-famous bike brands join the event and show their new bikes. Antidote Cycle, such an anti-mainstream manufacturer brand, but sure that they have good products. And at Eurobike 2015, they bring the new Antidote CarbonJack Enduro bike.

Antidote, the Polish brand gets big attention over their new CarbonJack enduro bike at Eurobike 2015 event. This carbon bike is built nicely, and we can find the information about the bike; hand made and designed in EU can be written in the downtube. The frame design is also different; the chain is running behind the frame that connect the chainstays.

Adopts 160mm travel both rear and front, the CarbonJack is surely an enduro bike. As hand made designed bike, this bike is really good looking and attracting. The transparent finishing makes the bike more stunning. For now, the CarbonJack is only available in medium size, but the large version should be available soon. The CarbonJack will be available in frame only option, with 3,399 € with CCDB Air CS. But for fans who want to get a custom fullbike, the fans can contact or request through mail. (pic; enduro-mtb.com)

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Eurobike 2015: Solid Enduro Prototype

If you think that big bike brands are too mainstream, try this; Solid Bike. The brand comes to the Eurobike 2015 event with an amazing prototype of enduro bike; a long 170mm of travel. Solid haven't decided yet the name of the bike, so until this bike gets a name, you can call this bike whatever you like. But remember that this bike be built nicely; a combination between downhill  bike ability and enduro bike agility.

This Solid Enduro prototype is using the CFS Suspension System, which is also be adopt in their downhill bike. As prototype, this bike looks nice, but as always, the final production may will be different with the prototype. This is really prototype, as you can see on the top tube and also on the chainstay.

For this prototype, Solid gives this bike such high parts, like BOS suspension both rear and front. The Reverse crank is installed there, which is good to see there are any bike is using different parts than other popular bikes and brands. The final production of the bike should be available on spring, and it seems that this Solid Enduro prototype will come in various models, and one model will be with BOS suspension. For now, the information about this bike is limited, so keep your eyes on this bike. (pic; enduro-mtb.com)

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Eurobike 2015: Nukeproof New Hardtails and New Sam Hill DH Signature Bike

Nukeproof is one of the bike brand that have various products from bikes to parts. At Eurobike 2015 event, they bring new bikes, new hardtails and downhill and also some spareparts products, from pedals to handlebars. Their new hardtails basically have been introduced several times ago, the Nukeproof Scout, but they give new touch for this event and, check this out.


Nukeproof releases two version of their new hardtail, the Nukeproof Scout in two version, a 27.5 inch wheels and the bigger one with 29 inch wheels. Nukeproof says, despite the Scout is designed as trail bike, they are sure that the 29er version of the Scout will get good response because there are many riders who want to go faster with bigger wheels. It may that The Scout 29er is one of the most slackest 29er hardtail on the market. The 29er Scout will be priced at £1999.
While the 27.5 model of Scout will be available in two versions, the Comp and Race model. The both models are different on drivetrain; the Scout 27.5 Comp will be equipped with SRAM GX 1x11 speed, while the cheaper version Scout 27.5 Race will be equipped with Shimano 2x10 drivetrain. 

Nukeproof renew their main downhill machine, the Pulse DH with some upgrades and new design. They release several versions, Nukeproof Pulse DH Team, Nukeproof Pulse Comp, and the special one Nukeproof Pulse DH Sam Hill signature series.

The special Nukeproof Pulse DH Sam Hill signature series is not only on the frame only, but also on most parts on it. Pedals, bars, stem, sadel, and even grips. And the rider's signature can be seen on the headtube. 
But one interesting, there is a mysterious bike that appear in their newest catalogue. The bike is only shown half, with black color and nice graphic. Can't wait for this bike. (pic: pinkbike.com)

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Eurobike 2015: Crankbrothers New Pedals and Dropper Post

Crankbrothers is already there at Eurobike 2015 event, and some new products will be on their booth; new pedals and dropper post. One of their most popular pedals, the Mallet, will get their updates for next season, and they also develop a new flat pedal, a thinner but stronger flat pedal. A dropper post also already there to complete the new parts. So, check this out.

Crankbrothers Mallet Pedals are one of the most popular clipless pedals on downhill competition, but at Eurobike 2015, Crankbrothers creates new Mallet E which stands for Enduro, as this mountain bike scene is getting more popular. The Mallet E also clipless pedals but specially designed for enduro riding. 
The Crankbrothers Mallet E is having some interesting features such as enduro cartridge bearings which is specially made for the pedals, custom bushing, and the additional external seal. Crankbrothers builds the Mallet E as strong pedals, like the characteristic of Enduro mountain biking; it still have smooth spin even after long riding in various condition and terrain. For the fans who want to get this stuff, the Mallet E will be available in two colors blue and black with $165USD.

Crankbrothers also brings the new flat pedals, the Stamp Flat Pedals. The Stamp is built from concave aluminum with custom lgus bushing just like the Mallet E. With ten replaceable pins, the Crankbrothers Stamp will be retail at $150USD.
The Crankbrothers Stamp Flat will be available in two sizes, small and large. Available in two colors red and black, Crankbrothers also gives five year warranty fot this product. The weight of the Stamp is light enough, just about 375gr for the small pedal, and 405gr for large pedal.

Crankbrothers has been developed a dropper post before but public give no big attention. But at Eurobike 2015, Crankbrothers again tries to get public attention for their dropper post product with Highline Dropper Post. This is stealth dropper post, and Crankbrothers designer build this dropper post nicely, at least on its design. 
The Highline Dropper Post will be available in two sizes, for 30.9 mm seat tube and 31.6 mm seat tube with 125mm drop. Overall weight including the remote and cable is about 580 gr. Like their new flat pedal, Crankbrothers also give three years warranty for this dropper post. To get this, the fans have to pay $350 USD and wait for its arrival in early 2016. (pic: pinkbike.com)

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Eurobike 2015: New Bike from Norco and Bulls

Ton of the parts and bikes are here at Eurobike 2015. Which one get your interest? From many bikes, some of them are shown here and again you will see two new bikes from Norco and Bulls. Norco maybe is popular but not with Bulls, though this is actually good bike. 

At first sight, this Norco's new bike is pretty similar with Rocky Mountain. But sure, this is Norco, the newest Revolver FS, which is a 27.5 and 29 inch wheeled bike and regarded as cross country bike. The manufacturer says that the Revolver will be their lightest and stiffest cross country bike that they have ever built. 
The Norco Revolver FS adopst the A.R.T rear end system, a Norco's system that optimized the Four Pivot Suspension System. This A.R.T system claims will make the pedalling efficient on climbing. Norco is preparing the Revolver in various models; the 27.5 inch model will come in four different models, and the 29er will come in four models also.
Prices: Norco Revolver 29 FS:
Norco Revolver 9XX FS: 7.999 €
Norco Revolver 9.1 FS: 5.199 €
Norco Revolver 9.2 FS: 3.999 €
Norco Revolver 9.3 FS: 3.099 €
Prices: Norco Revolver 27.5 FS:
Revolver 7XX FS: TBA
Revolver 7.1 FS: 5.199 €
Revolver 7.2 FS: 4.199 €
Revolver 7.3 FS: 3.299 €

Bulls becomes also the participant at Eurobike 2015 and they bring a new enduro machine, which is a good one; nice frame design. The Bulls Wild Creed Enduro Bike, which is a 160mm both rear and frotn and comes in lightweight just at 13.9 kg. 

Bulls builds the Wild Creed with the base from their world cup downhill bike, so this new bike will have quality as their downhill machine. In other words, Bulls turns their downhill monster into an enduro machine nicely. The Wild Creed will be priced at 3,999 € with Shimano XTR and 2,999 € with Shimano XT drivetrain option. (pic: enduro-mtb.com)

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Eurobike 2015: HOPE Industries Orange Series Part

Hope Industries have become the most popular brand for bike parts; they have various amazing products in various; brakeset, cranks, wheelset, cassette, and also the famous hubset. At Eurobike 2015 event, Hope Industries brings their newest hubset the Pro4. Hope shows their new parts in orange series, including the Hope Pro4 Hubset. The new hubset Hope Pro4 will also compatible with Shimano 11 speed.

Hope also brings the orange series of their most famous Tech brakeset. At Eurobike 2015 event, Hope also releases the new bars with nice logo on it. Just keep watching for the new Hope Industries new orange series parts for the public. (pic: enduro-mtb.com)

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Eurobike 2015: New Forks and Shocks

Not only bikes, spareparts also become the interesting part at Eurobike 2015 event. As there are so many new products, forks and rear shock maybe become one of the most interesting. So, here are few new products of forks and shocks at Eurobike 2015. Check this out.

BOS Deville FCV Fork 2016
BOS is now become more popular after they support the UR Team. And at Eurobike 2015 event, they brings new forks with FCV (Frequency Control Valve) technology, that first been used in their downhill fork, Idyll. This is an enduro fork, the popular Deville that now gets update with this technology. 

Another updates of the new BOS Deville 160mm is new crown, lower and air spring with 34mm stanchion. This size will absolutely makes the bike looks big. Open bath cartridge design, rebound adjusment, high-low compression adjusment also can be found in this new BOS fork.

Marzocchi New Forks at Eurobike 2015
Though the news said that Marzocchi is out of business several times ago, they are still on their booth at Eurobike 2015 event. Not only that, they also bring some new forks there. But one fork is getting more attention; the Marzocchi 380 EVO V2. Yes, that's a bit difficult name for a fork, but another new Marzocchi new fork is Marzocchi Z1. They keep the espressocoating as their characteritics. Beside forks, they also bring new shock and also dropper post.
This dropper post is a prototype that have been introduced by the manufacturer several times ago on an event.

FOX Suspension 2016 Products
One of the biggest manufacturer on mountain biking world, Fox Suspension, also reveals their 2016 products at Eurobike 2015. Their 2016 products actually has been installed on many bikes, and have been tested, both in competition and a test by many riders.
At Eurobike 2015, Fox shows their most popular forks in various tire size, as the 27.5+ getting more popular. Mostly their 34 series fork that will be available in 27.5 inch, 27.5+, and also 29 inch.

RST Rebel Inverted Fork Prototype
RST may be not a huge brand and not so popular out there, but they have been developed some new forks after their new range forks several times ago. At Eurobike 2015, RST tries to make public watch about what they have been built. They have an inverted fork, the RST Rebel Inverted prototype fork.

It is interesting to see how's public response to this product. But, RST is brave enough to build a different fork. Inverted fork maybe is not popular after Rockshox releases their RS-1. So, just wait about what happen to this fork next.

Cane Creek Inline Coil Prototype
Cane Creek turns to be one of the popular shock product since their first appearance few years ago. Their Double Barrel shock has been installed on many bikes and used by many riders. At Eurobike 2015, Cane Creek reveals new prototype for their shock, the DB Inline Coil. 
DB Inline is one of their most-used shock. They also bring new technology on their new shock - not a really new technology - but at least this technology is new for Cane Creek. They give Climb Switch for their new shock products.

Prototype BOS Micro Shock
BOS also bring their prototytpe shock to the Eurobike 2015 event. The prototype will be available in three different lenght option; 165mm, 184mm, and 190mm. This BOS Micro - the shock name - actually has been introduced at Sea Otter last year.

So, have decided which parts will be installed for the bike next? Just enjoy the event, and get some preparation because there will be more parts at this event. (pic: vitalmtb.com)

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Eurobike 2015: Intense M16 Carbon

New Intense M16 carbon version is spotted at Eurobike 2015 with full carbon material on front and rear triangle. This carbon version of new M16 gets some updates, such as monocoque UD carbon for the frame material and also JS tuned Virtual Pivot Point Suspesion System. The new downhill bike from Intense M16 carbon will have two different build version, the Intense M16 Factory Carbon and Intense M16 Pro Carbon. 

It seems that Intense is a bit careful and concern in building this carbon version of M16. Overall this bike is simple and clean. The internal cable routing - despite most brands adopt it - looks perfect to make this bike clean and clear. But at first sight, the New Intense M16 looks like SantaCruz V10. Both bikes will be similar. The usage of VPP Suspension System maybe is the reason.

There will be two color option for Intense M16 carbon; Red-Black combination and Black Stealth version. Intense also brings the Shaun Palmer custom Intense M16 bike at Eurobike 2015 event. Palmer will get custom painted Intense M16. The American flag will cover his downhill machine. (pic: vitalmtb.com)

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Eurobike 2015: New Bike from Yeti and Devinci

Their previous model, Yeti SB6c regarded as one of their most popular bikes, with the Switch Infinity system. And now, in Eurobike 2015 event, Yeti again adopt the Switch Infinity system to their 29er bike, the Yeti SB4.5c. With this technology, this bike will give more confidence to the rider; from cross country track to enduro, from racing to aggressive riding, this bike will be ready. 

Yeti SB4.5C Features
Frame Material: Carbon
Frame Weight: 5.4 lb / 2.45 kg
Travel: 4.5” / 114mm
Suspension Design: Switch Infinity
Rear Shock: FOX Float Factory DPS
Bottom Bracket: PF30
Rear Spacing: 148 Boost
Internally routed cables
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

Yeti gives four different models for SB4.5c, and all will available for the fans this year. The models are different on the parts used;
Yeti SB4.5c + XO1: $6899 // September 15th
Yeti SB4.5c + XO1 + Enve: $9299 // October 1st
Yeti SB4.5c + GX: $5599 // December 1st
Yeti SB4.5c + XTR + Enve: $10,499 // October 1st

Devinci announces the brand new 27.5+ bike, under the name Hendrix in the Eurobike 2015 event. This will be special bike from Devinci as they build the Hendrix with lots of interesting feature such as Split Pivot Suspension System and FRG Flip System which allows the rider to adjust the Hendrix's geometry. The manufacturer says that Devinci Hendrix 2016 will be available in the market this year, on November 2015.
Devinci Hendrix 2016 Highlights
Tapered Head Tube
Low Standover Height
Ultra-Short Chainstays
Split Pivot Suspension System
Axis & FRG Adjustable Geometry (Hi // Low)
BOOST 148 Standard
Internal Cable Routing for "Stealth" Dropper Posts
Asymmetrical Construction
27.5+ Dedicated With 3.25" Tire Clearance (when paired with 33mm internal width rims)
Custom Tuned Rear Shock
Enduro Bearings
1X Drivetrain Specific
MSRP: $1,599 (frameset option)

Despite this is not a prototype, there's still limited information about the Hendrix. But, Devinci is ready for the fullbike option for the Hendrix with the price $2,999. Such a good price for Devinci bike. 
Devinci Hendrix RS 2016 Fullbike
Frame: Aluminum Optimum G04
Fork: Rockshox Reba 27.5+ Solo Air 120mm
Headset: FSA Orbit 1.5 Zero Stack
Shock: Rockshox Monarch R Debonair 7.25x1.75
Rims: V2 Comp Wide DB
Front Hub: Formula TA 110mm
Rear Hub: Formula BOOST 148 w/ XD Driver
Tires: Maxxis Chronicle 27.5x3.0
Brakes: SRAM Guide R w/ Centerline Rotors (180f // 160r)
Rear Derailleur: SRAM GX
Rear Shifter: SRAM GX 11s
Crankset: Race Face Aeffect SL 30t
Cassette: SRAM 11s 10-42t
Chain: Shimano 11s
Handlebar: V2 Pro Riserbar 31.8mm*780mm
Stem: V2 Pro
Saddle: ProLogo K3
Seatpost: V2 Comp 31.6mm
Grips: Devinci Performance w/ Lock-On
Weight: 31 lbs // 14.6 kg
MSRP: $2,999 USD

(pic: vitalmtb.com)
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