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New Products: Box Components - Box One Groupset

Thinking about using groupset but wanna look different, without the famous duo Shimano and SRAM components on the bike? The time finally comes, after Box Components releases the Box One groupset on the market. Box rear derailleur has been used by Polygon UR Team and it just few times before the fans also use it on their bikes.
Okay, it's different than Shimano and SRAM, but is that only different? Surely, the design is very different than those two huge drivetrain companies, and it's good to make the bike looks different. But, Box One drivetrain is using single lever shifting rather than two way shifting. The company calls this as Push-Push technology. It has also spring-loaded PivotTech cable to improve stability and durability and also CamCluth to reduce the noise.

Box One Drivetrain Details
Compatible with 10 and 11 speeds
260 grams weights (RD)
Wide range, shorts
Maximal tooth up to 44t wide range, 36t short
Technology - PivotTech, CamCluth, Sealed Precision Pulley Bearings
Shifter's weight 120 grams
For 1x10 and 1x11 speeds
Compatible for 11 speeds Box, Shimano, SRAM. 10 speeds Box and Shimano.
Tech Shifter - single lever, patented, all thumb Push-Push Actuation

Box also build the crankset and brakeset to be paired with the drivetrain. So, Box One groupset will be real alternative for anyone who want to be different for their bikes. Unfortunately, there's no confirmation about the availability of the products, as their website is under maintenance. (photo: vitalmtb.com)

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New Products: Shimano SLX M7000 11 Speed Drivetrain

Shimano has become one of the largest manufacturer in outdoor sport such as fishing and biking. In biking sport, they grows into a big brand that support so many talented riders around the world. This year, Shimano such has good response for their main competitor in mountain biking scene especially, for the drivetrain parts. Shimano finally gets redesign the SLX groupset and put the electric things in Deore XT with their Di2 technology.
Special for SLX groupset, they now release the Shimano SLX groupset in 11 speed, rather than adding the bigger cog into 12 speed. Shimano has completely build new appearance for the SLX, and it gets more stunning and awesome. Shimano SLX is known as the mid-range high performance groupset before, and this new SLX surely makes this groupset more affordable.

Shimano builds the SLX M7000 11 speed as three different option, 3x11, 2x11, and 1x11. The new SLX crankset is now completed with their "Dynamic Chain Engagement." The crankset also be coupled with special bottom bracket with better sealing reduce water and dirt, so it increases the long-term rotation and performance of the cranks.

The new SLX M7000 11 speed shifter also available in three different types, the normal, B-Type shifter mount, and I-spec II shifter mount. This shifter will adjust the rear and front derailleur. The FD of new SLX will have two types, and the rear derailleur will be totally different from the previous RD. For the complete groupset of Shimano SLX M7000 11 speed, the price will about $557,91. The groupset will be available in June or July. 
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New Products: Fox 2017 Forks Line Up

As one of the big brands in mountain bike suspension, Fox already preparing their new line up for the 2017, even when 2016 season just be started. For the first announcement, they release the 32 line fork, with some new updates such as the stanchions. Fox is famous with their Kashima Coat stanchions in their high-end suspension, and now they have black stanchions.
One interesting, Fox also releases the low budget fork with the Fox Rhythm. This is different approach from Fox as the brand is well-known as creator for the high-price suspension. The 32 line up will spread from Performance model to the highest model, the Factory. The Fox Performance and Performance Elite will get black stanchions, while the Factory will get the legendary Kashima Coat stanchions.
They also release the new shocks as the upgrade for the previous version, the Fox Float X2 and Fox DHX2. The new Fox Float X2 offers some new features, as well as the Fox DHX2. The second shock is the same shock that be used by Rachel Atherton, with optional 2 optional X2 lever. More information about the forks and shocks, visit Ridefox.com.
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New Product: New FSA Crankset and Crankbrothers Highline Dropper Post

Since the mountain bike technology is developing so fast, all parts on the bike also get new updates to make the bike performs well. FSA, one of the big brands in the mountain bike parts recently releases a new crankset, really new modular crankset, which is claimed will be compatible for any mountain bike standard because of their user-interchangeable splindles, spiders, and direct mount chainrings.
As the this new FSA crankset is compatible with any standard, it will fit in various techs such as single crank, 2x, boost or not. As the pair, new FSA crankset will come in few options of bottom bracket; MegaEVO - for 68 or 73mm threaded English BB, PF92 - for 89.5 or 92.5mm SMN PressFit BB shells, BB30 - for 68 or 73mm BB30 BB shells, PF30 - for 68 or 73mm PF30 BB shells. FSA will release this new crankset in few models, old name but new technology. FSA SL-K Crankset, FSA Afterburner Crankset, FSA V-Drive Crankset, and FSA Comet Crankset.

Sounds interesting right? For the crankset, it said that the new FSA crankset will be available in June 2016. Few things to be considered before choosing which crankset you will buy, because there are so many awesome crankset products. Take look more to the weight, and also the technology. One for all. And also the price, of course.

If you are enduro rider, which part is the most wanted to be upgraded? The answer may different based on the riders, but dropper post may become the most part to be upgraded. Since its appearance, dropper post seems to be the must-have part in enduro mountain bike. So, which dropper post will you choose?
Crankbrother maybe not in your first list on dropper post product, and they now just released new dropper post product, the Highline. So, what's the new?

Crankbrothers Highline Dropper Post:
• Weight: 580g (includes: remote, cable, and housing)
• Infinite travel adjustment - 5” / 125mm
• Diameter: 30.9, 31.6mm
• Length: 400mm
• 50mm clamp-head height
• Internal routing
• Quick-connect mechanism for ease of cable installation
• Quick-release, two-bolt clamp head.
• Jagwire Elite Ultra-Slick cable and Lex-SL housing
• Self-contained hydraulic cartridge
• Igus LL-glide bearing and keys
• Trelleborg seal
• Three year warranty
• MSRP: $350.00, €350.00
The manufacturer says that there are few parts that be upgraded to make this post performs better. The rotary valve, cable actuated, double keyway, minimize seat-clamp, multi adjustable remote lever are the most improved parts for this new dropper post. (pinkbike.com)

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New Bike: YT Jeffsy

Talk abuot YT, the most seen bikes maybe the Capra, which gets huge and massive attention from around the world, and get more success after they decide for the direct sales to the fans. This year, they get more attention after they signed the DH World Cup champion Aaron Gwin. Gwin before known as the Specialized rider. And again this year they finally release new model, the YT Jeffsy, which is a 29er bike.
YT Jeffsy Details:
• Intended use: trail riding 
• Travel: 140mm 
• 29" wheels
• 12x148mm Boost rear (standard front)
• 66.8° - 67.6° adjustable head angle 
• Carbon and alloy build options
• YT's Virtual 4-Link System
• Adjustable BB drop +/- 8mm
• External and internal cable routing 
• Sizes: S, M, L, XL
• CF Comp 1 claimed weight: 28.22 lb (12.8kg), size medium

The new Jeffsy basically have similar design with the phenomenon Capra, but also it has few differences. The Jeffsy is using Virtual 4 Link Suspension Design (V4L Suspension) which is taken from Horst Link Suspension, with the link that be mounted on the seat tube. The space under the shock is large enough to placed a bottle cage, and YT did it.
For the new YT Jeffsy, it has few various designs, with different specs and also the price. The cheapest Jeffsy will be priced at $3799 the AL and the highest version is the CF Pro will be priced at $8099. The Jeffsy is available in various different color.

Prices - EUR / USD / CAD / AUD:
• CF Pro: €4499, $5999, $7999, $8099
• CF Comp 1: €3599, $4599, $5999, $8099
• CF Comp 2: €3599, $4399, $5799, $6199
• AL Comp 1: €2799, $3499, $4599, $4799
• AL Comp 2: €2799, $3299, $4499, $4799
• AL: €2199, $2699, $3699, $3799

(Photo: pinkbike.com)

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New Bike: Canyon Sender DH Bike

As one of the big brands in biking industry, mostly in mountain bike, Canyon has a lot of great products related to the biking activity. Some of their products, like Strive, the all mountain-enduro mountain bike regards as the one of the best enduro mountain bike on the market. But, they don't want to stop. And now, the newest downhill machine will be their new weapon to get another reputation. The Canyon Sender is coming for everyone who loves downhill mountain bike.

Canyon Sender DH Bike Details:
• Intended use: downhill 
• Travel: 200mm 
• 27.5" wheels
• 62 - 64° adjustable head angle with included headset cups
• 430 - 446mm adjustable chainstays
• 12 x 157mm rear spacing
• Carbon main frame and 6066 T6 alloy swingarm
• 4-Bar Suspension System with MX Link
• Integrated seat clamp
• Internal cable routing
• Integrated fork bumpers
• Removable fender
• Removable frame protection
• Sizes: S, M, L, XL
• Weight: 16.2kg (claimed) size Medium
• For more: www.canyon.com
Prices - EUR / GBP / AUD:
• CF 7.0: €3599, £2899, $5599
• CF 8.0: €4299, £3499, $6599
• CF 9.0: €4799, £3899, $7399
• CF 7.0: Blue or Red
• CF 8.0: Black or Red
• CF 9.0: Black or Blue

One of the most interesting parts of this Sender maybe is the MX Link Suspension System which has TPS or Triple Phase Suspension. The brand claims that this suspension system is inspired by the motocross bike, which the additional link in this bike will allow the leverage ratio to give better performance, anti-squat, pedal kickback, and anti-rise.

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New Bike: Dartmoor Blackbird Enduro Prototype

A mysterious bike have been spotted at VitalMTB Bike of the Day, with the name Dartmoor Blackbird. Just like another Dartmoor full suspension bikes, this Blackbird also gets simple design, with blue finish paint. The same bike also spotted in Instagram, but a bit different without any caption about the bike. But those bikes look similar in many parts.

This is a still prototype and no information related to this bike yet. For the fans who want to know more about this bike should be more patience because their new-look website also not provide this prototype Blackbird.  
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