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New Bike: YT's 2015 Bikes and the News

Last year, YT created a big noise on mountain biking industry by their phenomenon product the Capra. The last year YT Capra which is carbon all mountain bike, is a really good product that climbs and downs better than most similar bikes out there. As carbon bike, the Capra also have lower price that many carbon mountain bikes from the competitors. Their strategy to make direct-selling to the customer also make the selling of the bike is really good, and the result is the fans have to wait three months for the availability of the Capra.

This year, the brand seems want to replay this achievement by releasing some new bikes, includes the aluminum version of Capra. This option will give the fans more option to get the Capra with cheaper prize than the carbon version. Beside the Capra, YT Industries also build the aluminum version of Tues DH and also new dirt jump bikes. Frame only option for Capra also available for fans who want to build full custom bike.

YT Industries Capra Origin AL 2015
The Capra Origin AL basically same with the carbon version but the material used. The Capra Origin AL is using aluminum material and carbon for the seat stays. It has same geometry with the carbon version, and near on the part used. And the most important, it has lower price than the Capra carbon version.

YT Capra Origin AL 2015 will be supported by Rockshox Pike RCT3 combined with Monarch Plus HV RC3. The Capra Origin AL will be available in two versions; the carbon-aluminum version and full aluminum version. While another parts are same, SRAM Guide brake and 1x11 or X9 type 2 2x10. These new YT mountain bikes have three different size options.

Beside the Capra Origin AL 2015, YT also releases the 2015 version of Capra carbon version. These carbon versions will be available in four models; the Capra CF Pro Race 2015, Capra CF Pro 2015, Capra CF Comp 1, and Capra CF Comp 2.

YT Industries TUES AL 2015

YT TUES AL 2015 have bigger size, the 27.5 inch wheels. YT modified its frame on the BB, which is now placed under the axles. TUES AL 2015 will be available in three different color option, includes the stealth-black option.

YT Industries Dirt Jump Bikes 2015
YT also releases some new dirt jump bikes for this 2015 with the unique name; First Love, Dirt Love, and Love Dirt. The Love Dirt DJ is built based on Andreu's signature and these will be awesome dirt jump bikes out there.

Beside of those bikes, YT Industries now expands their operation after they just available in Europe. For now, they are ready for US, Canada, Australia, and also New Zealand, by taken a partnership with local distributors. For US and Canada, the YT's operation will be held by Cam Zink and his brother, Howie. And for Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) will be seved by Solon Payne. With these new area, YT now serves more countries and it means that the fans will easier to get the Capra. (Photo: VitalMTB)


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