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New Bike: Patrol 671 Enduro Bike

Patrol again build a new enduro bike and has been introduced on Castle Enduro Series 2014 event and participated on the event, with the name Patrol 671 Enduro, and get the first podium on that event. This enduro bike will follow up the previous bike from the same brand, the Patrol 871 DH bike.

Patrol 671 is adopted the normal wheels 26 inch, while another new bikes adopted the 27,5 inch. The frame is the aluminum alloy, and available in three size, the small, middle, and large. On the Castle Enduro Event 2014, the Patrol 671 Enduro is supported with the high end parts, such as Fox suspension on both rear and front. 
But for the mass production, Patrol 671 Enduro will be equipped with various parts to push the price. Another good news, this enduro bike has been available since August 2014.


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