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Product Tested: Funn Tenacious Crankset

Funn is a brand that have various products on mountain biking scene, such as handlebars, stems, saddles, seatpost, pedals, and also crankset. Their products also spread in various scenes from cross country to downhill. They may not as popular as another brands with same products, but they have products with good price, and they can be the alternative for good product at good price.
Special for cranks, they have several products such as Hooka, Carbonation, Ridge, and also Tenacious. The last one is the product that we will talk about in this article. Funn Tenacious cranks is crank that specially built for XC to AM, with triple chainrings and various color options for the customization.
Funn Tenacious is a simple cranks, with the several color option available; black/blue, black/yellow, and black/orange. The arm is built from AL7050 material and AL7075 for the rings. This crank can be the alternative for the lower price crank but still with the up to date technology such as hollowtech II. The teeth rings are 24-32-42, with overall weight about 935gr to 960gr.

For the durability, the Tenacious crank that have been tested is used for several months, and brought in any terrain start from road until heavy all mountain track. First impression, this crank works well both on the road and offroad. For additional information, this crank is combined with Shimano SLX drivetrain. A bit problem comes after several months of usage after being used in the hard track with various obstacles, uphill and aggressive descent track.
The problem comes in the bearing, when it starts to get out of tuned. For road usage the problem is not appear, but in extreme uphill the bearing releases disturbing sound. So, this crank may better to be used in cross country only, at least at light all mountain. Another information, the hollow tube of this crank is bigger than Shimano, so when the BB in an error, the solution is only replace the bearing with same size or replace with new Funn BB. And it seems that Funn not sell their BB as independent, in other words we have to buy a complete package of crankset and the BB.

Overall about Funn Tenacious crank is fair. This product can be the alternative for anyone who want to use non SRAM-Shimano cranks with reasonable price. Despite the manufacture says that this crank is designed for cross country to all mountain biking scene, it's better for using this crank in cross country than all mountain, due to the durability of the product. And also important to be remember, alternative product sometime is more difficult to be maintain than mainstream products, because the part is limited.

But for anyone who want to be different, this product have really good price under $100 which is very fair for the quality. The various color of the crank also make this product can be the alternative, for make a customization with the bike.


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