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New Product: SR Suntour Durolux R2C2 27.5 2016

SR Suntour probably not a huge brand in suspension industry, but the brand is 'huge' by its own way, and now slowly they can run aside between another big players in mountain bike suspension industry. Several times ago, SR Suntour redesigns their Durolux fork, and release it together with the new Rux, Auron and Aion forks. With their QLoc axle, SR Suntour continues their show.
Those forks slowly become the alternative suspension forks for the riders that want to get good performance at a slower price than the competitors. SR Suntour also completes their products with Quick Service Product, that really help the riders to maintenance their forks by themselves. Now, SR Suntour again makes some updates for the Durolux as one of their high-end forks in the market.

SR Suntour Durolux R2C2 Highlights
160, 170, or 180mm travel (internally adjustable)
27.5-inch only
Air sprung with new air volume adjustment system and two step coil negative spring
Fully sealed R2C2 cartridge damper with new Piston Compensator System (PCS)
External high and low-speed rebound, high and low-speed compression adjustments
Additional RC2 (high and low-speed compression, low-speed rebound) damper option
Air bleed/lubrication holes
Quick Service Product (QSP)
Black 36mm 7000 series alloy stanchions
Hollow forged crown
20mm Q-LOC2 axle
180mm post brake mount
Tapered 7000 series alloy steerer
Integrated/removable mud fender, carbon optional
Black and white colors
Weight: 2,337 grams (5.2-pounds)
MSRP: $800 for R2C2 model, $700 for RC2 model
The new Durolux fork first comes in 35 mm black stanchion, but now on 2016 model the stanchion is bigger. It now about 36 mm of 7000 alloy stanchion. But the greatest news about the 2016 Durolux is the price. The manufacturer keeps the price of this fork to be lower than the competitors. Internal adjustable makes the new Durolux as all-rounder forks; trail - enduro - freeride riders can enjoy various terrain in a single fork.

Sounds promising, huh?


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