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New Products: Box Components - Box One Groupset

Thinking about using groupset but wanna look different, without the famous duo Shimano and SRAM components on the bike? The time finally comes, after Box Components releases the Box One groupset on the market. Box rear derailleur has been used by Polygon UR Team and it just few times before the fans also use it on their bikes.
Okay, it's different than Shimano and SRAM, but is that only different? Surely, the design is very different than those two huge drivetrain companies, and it's good to make the bike looks different. But, Box One drivetrain is using single lever shifting rather than two way shifting. The company calls this as Push-Push technology. It has also spring-loaded PivotTech cable to improve stability and durability and also CamCluth to reduce the noise.

Box One Drivetrain Details
Compatible with 10 and 11 speeds
260 grams weights (RD)
Wide range, shorts
Maximal tooth up to 44t wide range, 36t short
Technology - PivotTech, CamCluth, Sealed Precision Pulley Bearings
Shifter's weight 120 grams
For 1x10 and 1x11 speeds
Compatible for 11 speeds Box, Shimano, SRAM. 10 speeds Box and Shimano.
Tech Shifter - single lever, patented, all thumb Push-Push Actuation

Box also build the crankset and brakeset to be paired with the drivetrain. So, Box One groupset will be real alternative for anyone who want to be different for their bikes. Unfortunately, there's no confirmation about the availability of the products, as their website is under maintenance. (photo: vitalmtb.com)


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