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New GT Bikes 2017

GT bikes has great bikes last year and get more people's attention with those bikes. And after few races, GT bikes finally releases several new bikes, some of them are really brand new, and it means that some of their popular bikes such Fury and Sanction will not be here. But, new bikes are new bikes, it always interesting to see new bikes.

GT Helion 9er
GT Helion is one of their popular bikes, and for 2017 they build a new Helion with bigger wheels. GT Helion is 29er now. Basically the 2017 GT Helion is based on their previous 27,5 inch Helion which is success in the market as trail bike. 
GT Helion 9er Details
• Progressive geometry provides a longer front-center 
• Carbon front triangle, 6069 alloy rear 
• 29" wheels
• Boost front, 142mm rear 
• Carbon Expert (shown), Expert and Elite “9er” models
• S, M, L, XL
As stated above, the 2017 Helion will be introduced in few models, with the highest spec is 9er model. With bigger wheels, the 2017 Helion has shorter travel than its predensor with 100 mm travel, reduced from 110 mm travel in the previous.

GT Pantera 27,5+

When we talk about GT's hardtail, the first bike to be considered surely the Zaskar line, but now GT has prepared a new bike, not really new, though but this will be great hardtail from GT. GT Pantera, now with 27,5+ wheels to make it fresh. The 120 mm suspension is equipped with Rockshox Revelation with Boost. 


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