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Eurobike 2016: New Shoes Parade

As mountain biking sport starts to be one of stylish kind of sports, some apparel brands are using the Eurobike 2016 moment to show up their new products. Shimano, noted as one of the most productive company as they release various products, from bike components to bike apparels. The riders now have various choices for them to look more stylish.


Ion is releasing several new shoes, the Rascal and also The Raid Amp. The Ion Rascal is specially made for enduro riders. The Rascal is using velcro strap and has assymetric design. The Rascal is also available as clipless, so the riders can choose which one is suitable for them. Ion Rascal is priced at 140 Euro. 

Ion Raid Amp is a way cheaper than the Rascal, with 120 Euro and it's a flat shoes. It has rubber from Suplest, a Swiss company. 


Shimano AM Shoes is very popular shoes out there, but in this Eurobike 2016 event, they brings two new shoes to the event. The first is Shimano ME7, which is specially build for aggressive riders - from enduro to downhill. The new ME7 is usng Michellin rubber and Velcro cover. The Shimano ME7 is priced about $200. Another new shoes from Shimano is Shimano AM5, which is really brand new shoes. It comes with camo color scheme that make it looks awesome. 


Like Shimano, Mavic is also big company that build various goods on mountain biking sport. Their wheels are awesome, but their shoes also amazing. In this Eurobike 2016, Mavic releases two shoes, the Mavic DeeMax Pro, which retails about 189 Euro. With the same name as their popular downhill wheels, the shoes also gets same color patterns. While the DeeMax Elite (140 Euro) has colorful appearance and it's not as stiff as its Pro DeeMax. 


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