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New Product: Cane Creek DB Air [IL] Shock with OPT and DROPT Remotes

Cane Creek shock slowly but sure become one of the serious challenger for the duo big suspension brands in mountain biking. With the massive attention on their previous products, Cane Creek just finished in developing their DB Inline Shock, which in this newest product this shock will get some improvements, such as the OPT and DROPT Remotes. Beside the more bling-bling.
Yesterday, Cane Creek just released the Press Release about their new product. They said on the PR that this new InLine shock will be used for trail to enduro riding, from 100 mm to 160 mm. Some aspects have been improved, such as the new design of oil seal head, and reconfigured air piston. But not limited to that, there are some improved features, such as LineAir Spring, Twin-Tube Design, Four-Way Independent Adjusment, and Climb Switch Technology.

But what about the OPT and DROPT Remotes? 
Here's about the OPT Remotes, taken from their Press Release:
"Introducing OPT – the Climb Switch handlebar remote that is optimized throughout its travel from off to on. Thus giving riders the option to tune their Climb Switch to their desired riding preference. OPT offers two mounting options (Top or Bottom) to allow for a variety of fitment orientations and costs $49 USD."

And here's about DROPT Remotes:
"The DROPT dropper seat post remote – designed with OPT in mind, is a universal remote that is compatible with any cable actuated dropper seat post. DROPT can be easily mounted on the same handlebar clamp with OPT to reduce handlebar clutter, and holds several adjustment features to create the ideal dropper post handlebar set up for all types of cable orientations and requirements. The $69 USD DROPT remote will be available for purchase and shipment February 1st."

The new DB Air [IL] is available today and ready for shipping, just prepare $475, and for the older DB Air InLine can be upgraded for DB Air [IL] with the addition $65, under warranty. Without warranty, users can upgrade their shocks with $225.


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