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New Bike: Meet the New Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz is one of the most popular brands, with fans from whole world. With their large range of bikes, the company is success to gain the popularity, and also has the best riders in the world in various mountain biking scenes. But as the mountain bike scene rapidly grows, with the enduro and downhill scene, Santa Cruz reccently releases the bigger V10 downhill with 29 inch wheels. But that's not all, because Santa Cruz finally releases the big boss on enduro race, the Nomad.

New Santa Cruz Nomad Details
Wheel size: 27.5" 
• Rear wheel travel: 170mm
• 64.6º or 65º head angle
• Carbon frame, C or CC options
• Metric shock sizing
• Boost hub spacing
• MSRP: $4,499 - $9,399 USD
• Weight: 30lb / 13.6kg (size large)
• Available: June 15
As the main machine for the enduro (or maybe new scene, who knows?) Santa Cruz is working the best for this. With 170mm rear travel, the new Nomad is now higher, slacker, and the company says that the new Nomad is best for "shredding the gnar." The suspension system is said adopted from the beast V10, and it looks very different with the previous version of Nomad.
But still adopting the VPP suspension system, the new Nomad looks different with the longer link on the top tube. The rear shock is hiding above bottom bracker mount. The hole is large enough for both coil and air shock, so the fans can freely choose the rear shock they want for the bike.
But is that all? Surely not. Together with the new Nomad to be launched, the company also releases their really brand new Reverse Wheelset. Yes, Santa Cruz is now have their own wheelset (previously they have bar and stem), and maybe they would build another parts. The Reserve rims will have 27 and 30 mm width for the 27,5 inch and the 29er will have more option with 25, 27, and 30 mm width. 

For the full wheelset, the Reserve will be priced at $1,899 with Industry Nine hubs and $1,599 with DT Swiss 350 hubs. But the fans should add the $1,200 if they buy the fullbike with the Reverse wheels. And it has lifetime warranty, just like their bearings and frames.


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