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Taipei Cycle Show 2017: New DVO Suspension and Production Privee

Taipei Cycle Show 2017 is on the way and tons of new product spread from parts and new bikes are there. While some new forks are currently released by several companies, another brand also showing up their new forks on the event. DVO brings two new forks to the event with Onyx and Beryl. While the popular steel bike maker, Production Privee releases their limited steel full suspension frame, the Shan Nº5. Check them out.

DVO Onyx and Beryl

DVO is one of the popular suspension maker, with its famous characteritics, the green color and use the name of precious stones, such as topaz, diamond, etc. And again, they are using another stones for their newest forks, the DVO Onyx and Beryl.
The first one, DVO Onyx is a downhill fork, with 203 mm of travel and the brand says that the Onyx is the bigger version of Diamond, their enduro/all mountain fork. But that's reasonable because the Onyx uses the same compression bladder. The Onyx has high-low speed compression damping, rebound damping, air volume adjust and their Off the Top adjuster. The OTT allows the riders to increase or decrease the suppleness of the fork. Sounds awesome, but the Onyx DC is priced about $1,700 which is pretty good if compared with Rockshox or Fox suspension. 

And what about the second one? The DVO Beryl (the original is Beryllium) is an enduro/all mountain fork, available for both 27,5 and 29 wheels, with 170 mm of travel. The Beryl is basically the Diamond, but with lesser feature; minus external adjuster. It has 35 mm black stanchion, which seems now getting popular, and 15 mm Axle. The Beryl is using the simpler damper which called the D2. On the market, the Beryl will be priced at $750, way cheaper than the Diamond, and will face to face with Fox Float 34 Grip and Rockshox Yari.

Production Privee Shan Nº5

Most people known the company as the steel hardtail maker, with their popular Shan, Shan GT, and another. But, the company just makes a big surprise few times ago when they build a full suspension bike prototype. And the show continues, they really build a full suspension bike and showing it in Taipei Cycle Show 2017, with the Production Privee Shan Nº5.
With the carbon trend on mountain biking industry, the steel bikes still there with their fans. It may heavier than the carbon, but surely the steel bike will be last longer than the carbon. For the Production Privee, this Shan Nº5 is really inspired by their hardtail Shan with more development in various parts. And the result, a 138 mm of travel suspension bike, all around bike, more fun, simple, and reliable. 

The Shan Nº5 is adopting the single pivot with Fox Shock DPS on the rear shock. The main pivot has the same size with the BB shell, pretty big and different than others. As all around bike, the Shan Nº5 accepts the fork from 140 mm to 160 mm of travel. The Shan Nº5 also compatible with 27.5 or 27.5+.  For the fans, the bike is available in frame only option to allow fans to build as they want, but it comes with Fox DPS Shock, about 1,899 Euro. For now, it only fifty frames to be produced for the first production, and it all come in Bahama Yellow paint job.


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