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Look Closer: Calibre Bossnut - A Budget Trail Bike

When we're new to mountain biking and find that good bike has crazy price (most of them), a good hardtail can be good first decision before upgrading along with skills. But among the mainstream and popular brands, there are some good brands that build good bikes, and if someone wants to be anti-mainstream, underrated companies can be the option. Calibre Bossnut, really a budget trail bike anyone can buy.
A budget bike does not always the bike performs not good or equipped with second-class parts (for some, second-class parts is meaningless). So, what about the Calibre Bossnut's performance? First, let's check the appearance, in general. The Calibre Bossnut frame layout offers nice geometry for trail riding and have been tested in UK.
This is a trail bike, so the company puts a 130 mm travel for 27.5 wheelset, which is really nice combination as trail bike. Made of aluminum material, the frame has 67 degree of head angle, slack enough and that's reasonable reach to get best positioning when riding the bike. The bike also has large space to accomodate big tires.

What about the parts then? 

This a budget trail bike is using good parts from good companies. For the suspension system, the Calibre Bossnut is using Rockshox suspension, the combination of Sektor fork and Monarch shock. For some, these suspension maybe second-class parts, but they both are good suspension and perform well. For the drivetrain, when most bikes are using 1x11 or 2x11 speed, the Calibre Bossnut still using the Shimano Deore 2x10 speed, combined with Shimano Deore brakes. Is this cons? It depends on the users.

On the wheels, the bike is using the combo WTB rims 27.5 inch with Shimano Deore hubset, and laced with WTB Vigilante 2,30 tires. Ritchey will complete the steering parts, starts from handlebar and stem. The manual seatpost also stock from Ritchey, with WTB saddle. 

With little modification and upgrades, this budget trail bike the Calibre Bossnut will ready to blast most of trail riding, all mountain or even the enduro. Just add dropper post and put a shorter stem, the Calibre Bossnut is reall budget trail bike monster.


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