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New Products: Updates for Rockshox PIKE, Lyrik, Yari, and Revelation for 2018

Rockshox still the one of the most popular and consistent suspension product in the market, with their various products on both fork and shock for various scenes of mountain biking sport and now, for the upcoming 2018 Rockshox updates their high fork range, including the legendary PIKE, the Luxury Lyrik, new baby beast Yari and the revolutionary Revelation. Let's go to meet them..

The Legendary PIKE
Since the rebirth of the PIKE, this fork straight to get mass attention and getting very popular, both for fans and the pro-riders. And not stop here, Rockhox again gives the updates for this legendary PIKE, which claims now is lighter, smoother, and more stable. To be more trail-fork weapon, the new legendary PIKE 2018 is available on both 27.5 and 29er, and both of them are ready for the tire up to 2,8. As stated above that the new PIKE is lighter, it has now 1,841 g for the weight.
The updates including the re-developed the two damper for the wider rebound and compression. The bigger negative chamber makes the PIKE has better fork responsiveness. The legendary PIKE 2018 is also available two versions, the RCT3 and RC. Both are compatible with OneLoc Remote. Beside that, the new PIKE is also available in large range travel, from 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 130 mm, 140 mm, 150 mm, and 160 mm, with 15 mm axle.

The Luxurious Lyrik
Rockshox Lyrik has long known as one of the hardcore fork from Rockshox, and last year this fork is completely new. So, what about the Lyrik for the next 2018? The Luxurious Lyrik still be the one of the enduro weapon from Rockshox. It's still the flagship. But what Rockshox offers from the new Lyrik 2018 maybe is really amusing everyone. 
Charger 2 Damper unit, OneLoc Remote compatible, update Air-Pressure-Guide on the lower leg, and even with some guidances the Lyrik is also ready for E-MTB. The new Luxurious Lyrik is available in two models the RC (2,034 g) and RCT3 (2,040 g) with travel started from 150 mm, 160 mm, 170 mm, to 180 mm. Also available on both 27.5 and 29er, the price is about € 1,145–1,310.

The Baby Beast Yari
From those two forks above, the Yari is completely new fork from Rockshox but as it is new, the baby beast Yari is still a good fork and popular since its appearance and that's why the company continues the life of this baby beast Yari with some new improvements to give better performance. It has same chasis with its older brothers above, and Yari also shares the similar DebonAir or Dual Position Air.
The Yari offers some features such as rebound, slow speed compression, and also available for the EMTB. Compared to its older brothers, the Yari is a bit heavier. The weight is about 2,123 g but cheaper than those two, just about € 780–865. But the fans can choose the Yari as free as they can because it has large range travel, start from 100 mm to 180 mm. It also available in three wheels models, the 27.5, 29er and 29er +, but it only RC model.

The Revolutionary Revelation
Rockshox Revelation is also one of their great fork, used by many riders. But for 2018, the Revelation turns into bigger fork as the company puts a bigger 35 mm stanchion. Wow! Known as PIKE's sibling, the Revelation 2018 shares same chasis with its brother, and the same DebonAir. Available on both 27.5 and 29er (and 29+), the Revolutionary Revelation will accept tires up to 2,8 inch.
What next? The new Revelation will accomodate anyone who rides the bike from 120 mm travel to 160 mm travel, but lighter than the new baby beast Yari. The new Revelation offers about 1,951 g, and priced about € 720–800. For more information about those forks, please visit sram.com and find out which fork is suitable for you! All come in completely new decal and it looks sick!


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