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New Bike: Polygon Square One EX9 - How Its Perform?

All eyes now are seeing Polygon's new bike, the Square One EX9: most people said that this bike is a bit weird, or maybe different or out of the box. But, since its geometry is shocking most people, how about the bike's performance? Short explanation about the Polygon Square One EX9; the bike is adopting modern geomtry and using new suspension system called Naild R3act Suspension System. With 180 mm of travel, the bike is ready for both climbing and also descent.
Yes, this is not a prototype, but a bike that ready for daily riding and also racing. With radical geometry, the Square One EX9 looks very different than other bikes. This radical geometry looks complicated, mostly on the suspension system used, the Naild R3act Suspension. The one makes the bike different is the rear triangle. 
Talk about Polygon Square One EX9's geometry, sure it is really interesting as the bike adopts different approach on the tubing. The tubing is really unusual than others, the bottom bracket also unusual and different, but it said that this bottom bracket offers better impression. The company even claims that the rear shock is effective when the bike is riding the steep uphill section.

This performance can not be separated from the suspension system, the Naild R3act Suspension. This suspension system is the result of partnership with the Naild, and that's one of their strategy to expand their market. Polygon said that the Naild offers very interesting and out of the box suspension system, which is they called genius. 

Prototype Polygon Square One EX9
But for now, this Polygon Square One EX9 offers different and out of the box geometry, and this make people thought that this is an ugly bike, or weird. But it is not fair to judge a bike just from the appearance without testing the bike and its performance. So, let's wait for the review, and then decide about the bike. (pic; pinkbike.com - bikerumor.com)


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