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Mongoose Slopestyle Bike Prototype at Crankworx Rotorua

Event means new products. Like just what something seen in the Crankworx Rotorua; the Mongoose Slopestyle Bike that will be riden by Greg Watts. This is the first slopestyle bike from Mongoose since their slopestyle bike before the Nugget. As prototype, this bike has no name for now yet, but it is interesting how Mongoose builds this machine for Greg.
As prototype bike, there will be something to be improved but for now, Mongoose gives it the bike a raw color, which is seem to be popular today. With a bit part adopted from GT as the Greg's main machine before he signed up with Mongoose on the geometry. The frame also used the simple single pivot on it.
The full bike version for Greg will run with Marzocchi suspension both rear and front, with the Shimano Zee brakes front and rear - it is interesting how slopestyle rider puts double brakes on the bike, while mostly slopstylers are just put single brake on rear only. Shimano Saint completes the crank and rear derailleur - another different thing in this bike to be seen in a slopestyle bike.

This Mongoose prototype of Greg have three cogs on his freehub but there is no shifter cable on it. Then what's the function of the RD Saint there? It may just be a chain tensioner, or let the rider - Greg - to choose which cog is the best depend on the track. (Photo: Pinkbike)


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