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Taipei Cycle Show 2015: Da Bomb Bike and Corsair Bike Updates

Taipei Cycle Show 2015 offers many new products and some of them are the brand new stuff, and some are the development of previous products. Those products are spread from parts into fullbike, such as Da Bomb bike with their new hubs products and or Corsair Bike with their new bikes.

For this 2015, Da Bomb has several new products mainly available in frame only, in various scene from DJ to DH, such as the Sonic Bomb as the upgrade from the previous frame Warhawk, the Dynamite, their new weapon on enduro mountain biking scene. Da Bomb Dynamite is a 27,5 wheeled and available in frame only. Da Bomb also offers their newest hubs, sprockets, and also chainrings on the event. 

Not only Da Bomb, but also Corsair Bikes that brings their newest bike into the show. They brings some new frames and bikes such as the updates version of Corsair Konig 4.6 that will be completed with Fox Float CTD X. Corsair also have special bike the Revo, which is a bike without small size. The smallest size of the Corsair Revo is M.


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