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New Product: Trickstuff Cleg 4 Disc Brake

With so many brands out there that developed the disc brake stuff, Trickstuff maybe not as popular as Shimano, SRAM, or Hope, but with their Cleg 4, they start to be known due to the Cleg 4 is a powerfull disc brake and designed beautifuly. The CNC-machined aluminum is material used in Trickstuff Cleg 4 as the four piston, calipers, and main cylinders.
Another interesting parts of the Trickstuff Cleg 4 is the disc brake that made from the steel and uses the special DOT 5.1 brake fluid to give more powerful braking; light stoppers in the hard trail. For information, the DOT 5.1 brake fluid also be used in Formula 1 racing.
Trickstuff Cleg 4 Dics Brake Features
Four-piston calipers CNC-machined from 7075 T6 alloy 
Two-part bolted caliper halves
Rotors: Stainless steel, 2.05mm thick - 140, 160, 180, 200, 203mm
Tapered rotor for quick wheel changes
DOT 5.1 brake fluid
Extremely simple, "idiot-proof bleeding."
Top-loading pads with Shimano profile - organic or sintered metallic 
Lever-reach adjustment via 2mm hex key
Post-mount fitting with extended adjustment range
Low hand force through high ratio, low-friction master cylinder piston.
High pressure-resistant Kevlar hoses, cut to length as required, reusable Goodridge fittings.
CNC-machined aluminum, short or medium-length levers
Options: High pressure-resistant Goodridge steel hose, low viscosity “SuperFormula” brake fluid, special anodized colors
Standard colors: anodized silver, black, red
Weight: 245 grams (claimed) charged, with lever, caliper and front-length hose (no rotor or hardware.) Test weight - 420grams (front, with180mm rotor).
MSRP: $575 USD per side as tested.
On the performance, the Trickstuff Cleg 4 will get a straight competition with the so-popular trail brake, the Shimano M9020 XTR trail brake. Both are four piston brake. But overall weight, Trickstuff Cleg 4 is more than Shimano. The weight of the Trickstuff Cleg 4 is about 420 gr.

Overall this is a good disc brake product, especially for them who want to be 'out of the box' and Trickstuff Cleg 4 will be good choice. But it may the price is a bit expensive. A pair of the Trickstuff Cleg 4 will be more than $1000, as a pair is priced $575. But with those technologies offered on this product, it may a good value.


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