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New Product: FOX Float DPS Shock

FOX Racing shox is releasing their new shock product, though at the appearance this product is only the Float with different can model. But with the name "DPS" behind the name, surely Fox will give new technology and features on it.

As information, DPS stands for "Dual Piston System." But Fox also make the DPS shock for their Float X.
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New Bike: Intense Tracer T275C DVO Limited Edition

After their limited edition of their downhill bike, Intense is continuing their partnership with DVO suspension to build a stunning bike with great performance. And for this limited edition bike, Intense build the Tracer T275C DVO limited edition. This new bike from Intense will only be produced in 250 worldwide.
Based on Intense's plan, this limited edition of the Tracer will be shown in the Sea Otter Classic on the next 16-19 April. For the appearance, the DVO edition of the Tracer will be similar with their downhill DVO edition previously, with the combination of green and black.

This Tracer T275C DVO will be equipped with the DVO suspension at front and rear - yea surely they will, with DVO fork and Jade coil shock. Another parts, the Tracer limited edition will be supported with great parts such as SRAM with green graphic on the rear derailleur. 
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Mongoose Slopestyle Bike Prototype at Crankworx Rotorua

Event means new products. Like just what something seen in the Crankworx Rotorua; the Mongoose Slopestyle Bike that will be riden by Greg Watts. This is the first slopestyle bike from Mongoose since their slopestyle bike before the Nugget. As prototype, this bike has no name for now yet, but it is interesting how Mongoose builds this machine for Greg.
As prototype bike, there will be something to be improved but for now, Mongoose gives it the bike a raw color, which is seem to be popular today. With a bit part adopted from GT as the Greg's main machine before he signed up with Mongoose on the geometry. The frame also used the simple single pivot on it.
The full bike version for Greg will run with Marzocchi suspension both rear and front, with the Shimano Zee brakes front and rear - it is interesting how slopestyle rider puts double brakes on the bike, while mostly slopstylers are just put single brake on rear only. Shimano Saint completes the crank and rear derailleur - another different thing in this bike to be seen in a slopestyle bike.

This Mongoose prototype of Greg have three cogs on his freehub but there is no shifter cable on it. Then what's the function of the RD Saint there? It may just be a chain tensioner, or let the rider - Greg - to choose which cog is the best depend on the track. (Photo: Pinkbike)
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New Product: Trickstuff Cleg 4 Disc Brake

With so many brands out there that developed the disc brake stuff, Trickstuff maybe not as popular as Shimano, SRAM, or Hope, but with their Cleg 4, they start to be known due to the Cleg 4 is a powerfull disc brake and designed beautifuly. The CNC-machined aluminum is material used in Trickstuff Cleg 4 as the four piston, calipers, and main cylinders.
Another interesting parts of the Trickstuff Cleg 4 is the disc brake that made from the steel and uses the special DOT 5.1 brake fluid to give more powerful braking; light stoppers in the hard trail. For information, the DOT 5.1 brake fluid also be used in Formula 1 racing.
Trickstuff Cleg 4 Dics Brake Features
Four-piston calipers CNC-machined from 7075 T6 alloy 
Two-part bolted caliper halves
Rotors: Stainless steel, 2.05mm thick - 140, 160, 180, 200, 203mm
Tapered rotor for quick wheel changes
DOT 5.1 brake fluid
Extremely simple, "idiot-proof bleeding."
Top-loading pads with Shimano profile - organic or sintered metallic 
Lever-reach adjustment via 2mm hex key
Post-mount fitting with extended adjustment range
Low hand force through high ratio, low-friction master cylinder piston.
High pressure-resistant Kevlar hoses, cut to length as required, reusable Goodridge fittings.
CNC-machined aluminum, short or medium-length levers
Options: High pressure-resistant Goodridge steel hose, low viscosity “SuperFormula” brake fluid, special anodized colors
Standard colors: anodized silver, black, red
Weight: 245 grams (claimed) charged, with lever, caliper and front-length hose (no rotor or hardware.) Test weight - 420grams (front, with180mm rotor).
MSRP: $575 USD per side as tested.
On the performance, the Trickstuff Cleg 4 will get a straight competition with the so-popular trail brake, the Shimano M9020 XTR trail brake. Both are four piston brake. But overall weight, Trickstuff Cleg 4 is more than Shimano. The weight of the Trickstuff Cleg 4 is about 420 gr.

Overall this is a good disc brake product, especially for them who want to be 'out of the box' and Trickstuff Cleg 4 will be good choice. But it may the price is a bit expensive. A pair of the Trickstuff Cleg 4 will be more than $1000, as a pair is priced $575. But with those technologies offered on this product, it may a good value.
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Taipei Cycle Show 2015: Taokas Dumun DH 2015 and Updates from Kore

An event like bicycle show is the perfect stage for unfamous brand to show their products, because there will be many people at the one place and the Taipei Cycle Show 2015 is the perfect stage for a new downhill bike called Taokas Dumun DH, which is a 200 mm travel bike with 27.5 inch wheels on it. 
Taokas Dumun DH 2015 is a reasonable bike it many aspects; despite the official price of the bike still not confirmed yet, but this bike will have reasonable price than many bikes out there. Taokas Dumun DH maybe is a simple bike, but it has got some upgrades than previous edition - the frame is completely got new design.
In other words, Taokas Dumun is a good bike for them who want to get downhill bike with a reasonable price and not only sell the brand. The cons maybe the difficulty to get spare parts because unfamous brand mostly have limited stock; just in certain area.
Another spot that need to be watched is the Kore. They came to the Taipei Show 2015 with some new stuffs such as brand new narrow wide chainring and grips. What makes this Kore's new chainring different than other chainring on the market? Kore makes it unique with a little test on their booth. It looks like the riders won't need chain guide anymore with this chainring.
Kore's new chainring will be available in four different sizes; 30, 32, 34, and 36. To be matched with the bike, it has various colors such as black, red, silver, orange, green, purple, and blue. Kore says that the price will be $58,99 for 32T/36T, $62,99 for 36T, and $71,99 for the 30T. 
Kore also brings their newest grips to this event as the result of the partnership with the Italian enduro rider Andrea Bruno. This single lock on grips is called Kore Contours and available now with $22,99.
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Taipei Cycle Show 2015: Da Bomb Bike and Corsair Bike Updates

Taipei Cycle Show 2015 offers many new products and some of them are the brand new stuff, and some are the development of previous products. Those products are spread from parts into fullbike, such as Da Bomb bike with their new hubs products and or Corsair Bike with their new bikes.

For this 2015, Da Bomb has several new products mainly available in frame only, in various scene from DJ to DH, such as the Sonic Bomb as the upgrade from the previous frame Warhawk, the Dynamite, their new weapon on enduro mountain biking scene. Da Bomb Dynamite is a 27,5 wheeled and available in frame only. Da Bomb also offers their newest hubs, sprockets, and also chainrings on the event. 

Not only Da Bomb, but also Corsair Bikes that brings their newest bike into the show. They brings some new frames and bikes such as the updates version of Corsair Konig 4.6 that will be completed with Fox Float CTD X. Corsair also have special bike the Revo, which is a bike without small size. The smallest size of the Corsair Revo is M.
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New Bike: Norco Aurum 2015 Carbon DH

Norco bikes finally announces their latest downhill bike, a popular bike from their lineups in downhill mountain biking and some upgrades are available such as the carbon material for the frame, and the Aurum 2015 carbon edition is ready for the race. Another upgrades also the bigger wheels with 27,5 which is the popular size today.
Norco Aurum 2015 carbon is a 200 mm travel bike, and the brand claims that their latest Aurum is lighter, faster, and more efficient than the previous version of the Aurum. Norco also said that the 2015 version of carbon Aurum is stronger and ready for the extreme race.
Norco Aurum 2015 Carbon Details:
• 200mm rear travel
• 27.5" wheels
• 63° head angle
• Carbon front triangle, aluminum rear end
• 450 gram weight savings over previous alloy version
• 12 x 142mm rear spacing
• A.R.T. suspension
• Sizes: S, M, L
• Price: $4230 - $9700 USD depending on spec, frame only: $2585
• Available April 2015
On suspension system, they still use their previous platform, the A.R.T Suspension system or Advanced Ride Technology. This suspension design is also using the Horst Link Suspension design but with their own development. This suspension system provides more aggressive riding.
As the bike will be available on April 2015 as both fullbike and frame only. The price of fullbike version is started from $4230 - $9700, depending on the specification used on the bike. The highest spec of the Aurum Carbon 2015 is the Norco Aurum 2015 C7.1 ENVE.
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Absolute Black Releases Black Series Components

There will be more choices and alternatives for riders who want to replace their standard chainring into custom but never think about the popular and famous brand such as Hope Industries, RaceFace, and many more. The sub-brand from UK named Absolute Black now releases the Black Series Components, which cheaper and simpler than most of chainring out there.
Just like the name, these components will be available in two version, the original and black series, and the products are the narrow wide chainring with 32t for both original and black series, but the black series will have higher price than original series.

Those black series components from Absolute Black will be available in Chain Reaction Cycles in few next days. It will be interesting due to the discount on some parts. Don't miss it.

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Fox Announces 2016 Float 34 27,5+

Too many numbers, right? But yea, the 2015 is just started but for Fox, a big brand on most extreme sport scene includes the mountain biking scene, this will be good time to release another newest product for 2016. As people know, for the mountain biking scene, Fox is producing many awesome stuffs, spread from apparels to the fork and shock. 
Recently, the newest product from Fox Racing Shox is a Fox Float 34 edition, which is one of the most popular fork product from Fox. For the 2016 edition, Fox will make it suitable for 27,5 or known also as 650b, which is the popular wheelsize today on mountain bike sport. But, Fox makes it a bit different to make it wider to facilitate the wider rims and tires.

This new 2016 Float 34 maybe become the trend setter with this size, because slow but sure the popularity of the Fatbike also increase. Seeing the space, it may that Fox gets idea to build a fork that in the middle of mountain bike and fatbike because this new Float 34 will be able to handle the wider tires up to 3,25".
2016 FOX Factory 34 Float 27.5+ Highlights
Chassis designed specifically for 27.5+ wheels and tires
Hub flanges, brake mount, and rotor moved 5mm outboard
15QR x 110mm wide-flange hub spacing
4th generation FIT4 closed cartridge damper
New FLOAT air spring
New wide crown spacing and lower leg casting providing clearance for super-wide rims
Supports tire sizes up to 27.5” x 3.25”
51mm offset
Travel range 110mm to 150mm

It's interesting to see how's the fans response to this product. Will it be a new trend of the mountain biking sport scene or this just be a flop, let's wait and see. But actually this is a good idea on MTB's development.
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Video: Old Man's Awesome Skill on Riding Bicycle

An old man in Yogyakarta, Indonesia makes a big chaos in Youtube after someone records his action, an awesome skill on riding bicycle in the main road. This old man uses the bike that be called "onthel", or a bike that builded in Europe, mainly Netherlands.
This old man can be seen in the main road around Bantul district, when he rides his old bike with unique appearance; without shirts just shorts and no sandals or shoes even helmet. This quite dangerous but someone will feel entertain of this old man show off.
One interesting, this old man is a traditional bike engineer. He is able to make the best setup for old bike such as Gazelle, Simplex, Humber, etc. What do you think about this skill, bro? Can you?
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