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New Bike: Bold Linkin Trail

Bold maybe an unfamiliar bike brand among the bike fans, but they are already confident to enter the market with a really different bike - which they call Bold Linkin Trail, a full suspension bike, though we cannot find where the rear shock is. Full suspension bike without rear shock? Basically, this bike is using rear shock as this is full suspension bike, but Bold make it hidden inside its carbon frame. And for this innovation, Bold claims that this is very first in the mountain biking world, and they call it as Internal Suspension Technology.
Bold is a brand new from Swiss with the name Bold Cycles Ltd. Bold then claims that their suspension system which is called Internal Suspension Technology is the world first technology. This technology offers a rearshock inside the seat tube. As plan, this bike will be participated on the Solothurn's Bike Days event on 8th-10th May 2015.

The Bold Linkin Trail will be offered in four different sizes, and as the standard this bike will come in 29er. It has three different frame sizes, and also three different length of the stem. As their first, Bold makes this bike as premium and exclusive, such as packed with wooden box to keep the bike in a good condition.


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