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Sea Otter 2015: Ellsworth and Bulls New Bikes

Ellsworth releases their newest bike in the Sea Otter Classic 2015 event, a prototype bike with the name Ellsworth Moment 27,5 - a 160 mm rear travel with the adjustment setting on the front suspension, for 160 - 180 mm. The Ellsworth prototype Moment is a full carbon bike with alloy rocker link.

About the mass-release, Ellsworth says that the new Moment 27,5 will be ready in summer this year and same as the prototype, the Moment will be offered in carbon frame. About the price, there is no more information about the price yet.

Bulls bike also brings new products on the Sea Otter Classic 2015 event with their latest new bike, with their Wild Edge Team 29er bike. This bike is the further development of the previous version of the same bike which is used in the race by Team Bulls at Cape Epic. The Wild Edge Team 29er will be priced at $6000, as this bike is completed with high components to support its performance.


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