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Sea Otter 2015: New Bikes and Prototype

Sea Otter 2015 surely the best spot for the brands to announce their new products, new bikes, and also prototypes. Some new bikes and prototypes are revealed such as like Santa Cruz with their new slopestyle which is specially built for Logan Peat. Some bad news about this bike is that there is no further information from the manufacturer for making this bike as mass production.

This may be a bit dissapointing for the fans but this is really good bike. And let's wait to see how Logan rides this bike and making an action with this new Santa Cruz slope style bike. 

Another new slope style also revealed by another brand, the limited edition of Shaun Palmer Intense slope style bike. Like the Santa Cruz, as limited edition, this Intense slope bike is only two bikes out there, and one of the bike is built specially for the Sea Otter 2015 event.

Photo: VitalMTB


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