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Sea Otter 2015: Specialized and Pivot Updates

It will be a new trend? Maybe that question is on everyone's mind related to the new style of "+", due to so many brands release their new bike with the "+" size on their tires. As well as the Specialized that also come into the competition of this new style with their newest bike in the "+" in their Specialized Fuse. 

The trend of "+" size tire is really massive, pretty similar with the trend of 650b before. And Specialized confidentally comes to the market when the Fuse is already appear on the Sea Otter Classic 2015. The Specialized Fuse is a hardtail bike with the 27,5+ tire size, with the unique design of chain stay which is called as Diamond Stay Design.

On this new Fuse, Specialized claims that their new hardtail is offer better performance. The Boost148 standard also comes in this bike. In other words, despite a hardtail is simple bike, the Specialized Fuse is a hardtail with many new mountain bike features on it.

Then, same with Spez, another popular brand Pivot also comes in the Sea Otter Classic 2015 with their new "+" hardtail. Pivot Les Fat, which is basically a fatbike from Pivot, has been modified by the manufactur to come into the competition of the "+" tire size. Pivot Les Fat Carbon version, and still using the Rockshox Bluto, which is originally a fatbike fork.

Pivot makes the Les Fat will be suitable for both 27,5+ and 29+. The usage of the Bluto fork, Pivot says that this bike can be functional bike; when the winter comes, just replace the "+" tire and will be ready for the fat tires, and vice versa. In conclusion, the Pivot Les Fat will be all around bike, which is ready for any terrain in any situation.



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