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Eurobike 2015: Crankbrothers New Pedals and Dropper Post

Crankbrothers is already there at Eurobike 2015 event, and some new products will be on their booth; new pedals and dropper post. One of their most popular pedals, the Mallet, will get their updates for next season, and they also develop a new flat pedal, a thinner but stronger flat pedal. A dropper post also already there to complete the new parts. So, check this out.

Crankbrothers Mallet Pedals are one of the most popular clipless pedals on downhill competition, but at Eurobike 2015, Crankbrothers creates new Mallet E which stands for Enduro, as this mountain bike scene is getting more popular. The Mallet E also clipless pedals but specially designed for enduro riding. 
The Crankbrothers Mallet E is having some interesting features such as enduro cartridge bearings which is specially made for the pedals, custom bushing, and the additional external seal. Crankbrothers builds the Mallet E as strong pedals, like the characteristic of Enduro mountain biking; it still have smooth spin even after long riding in various condition and terrain. For the fans who want to get this stuff, the Mallet E will be available in two colors blue and black with $165USD.

Crankbrothers also brings the new flat pedals, the Stamp Flat Pedals. The Stamp is built from concave aluminum with custom lgus bushing just like the Mallet E. With ten replaceable pins, the Crankbrothers Stamp will be retail at $150USD.
The Crankbrothers Stamp Flat will be available in two sizes, small and large. Available in two colors red and black, Crankbrothers also gives five year warranty fot this product. The weight of the Stamp is light enough, just about 375gr for the small pedal, and 405gr for large pedal.

Crankbrothers has been developed a dropper post before but public give no big attention. But at Eurobike 2015, Crankbrothers again tries to get public attention for their dropper post product with Highline Dropper Post. This is stealth dropper post, and Crankbrothers designer build this dropper post nicely, at least on its design. 
The Highline Dropper Post will be available in two sizes, for 30.9 mm seat tube and 31.6 mm seat tube with 125mm drop. Overall weight including the remote and cable is about 580 gr. Like their new flat pedal, Crankbrothers also give three years warranty for this dropper post. To get this, the fans have to pay $350 USD and wait for its arrival in early 2016. (pic: pinkbike.com)


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