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Eurobike 2015: Solid Enduro Prototype

If you think that big bike brands are too mainstream, try this; Solid Bike. The brand comes to the Eurobike 2015 event with an amazing prototype of enduro bike; a long 170mm of travel. Solid haven't decided yet the name of the bike, so until this bike gets a name, you can call this bike whatever you like. But remember that this bike be built nicely; a combination between downhill  bike ability and enduro bike agility.

This Solid Enduro prototype is using the CFS Suspension System, which is also be adopt in their downhill bike. As prototype, this bike looks nice, but as always, the final production may will be different with the prototype. This is really prototype, as you can see on the top tube and also on the chainstay.

For this prototype, Solid gives this bike such high parts, like BOS suspension both rear and front. The Reverse crank is installed there, which is good to see there are any bike is using different parts than other popular bikes and brands. The final production of the bike should be available on spring, and it seems that this Solid Enduro prototype will come in various models, and one model will be with BOS suspension. For now, the information about this bike is limited, so keep your eyes on this bike. (pic; enduro-mtb.com)


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