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Eurobike 2015: New Forks and Shocks

Not only bikes, spareparts also become the interesting part at Eurobike 2015 event. As there are so many new products, forks and rear shock maybe become one of the most interesting. So, here are few new products of forks and shocks at Eurobike 2015. Check this out.

BOS Deville FCV Fork 2016
BOS is now become more popular after they support the UR Team. And at Eurobike 2015 event, they brings new forks with FCV (Frequency Control Valve) technology, that first been used in their downhill fork, Idyll. This is an enduro fork, the popular Deville that now gets update with this technology. 

Another updates of the new BOS Deville 160mm is new crown, lower and air spring with 34mm stanchion. This size will absolutely makes the bike looks big. Open bath cartridge design, rebound adjusment, high-low compression adjusment also can be found in this new BOS fork.

Marzocchi New Forks at Eurobike 2015
Though the news said that Marzocchi is out of business several times ago, they are still on their booth at Eurobike 2015 event. Not only that, they also bring some new forks there. But one fork is getting more attention; the Marzocchi 380 EVO V2. Yes, that's a bit difficult name for a fork, but another new Marzocchi new fork is Marzocchi Z1. They keep the espressocoating as their characteritics. Beside forks, they also bring new shock and also dropper post.
This dropper post is a prototype that have been introduced by the manufacturer several times ago on an event.

FOX Suspension 2016 Products
One of the biggest manufacturer on mountain biking world, Fox Suspension, also reveals their 2016 products at Eurobike 2015. Their 2016 products actually has been installed on many bikes, and have been tested, both in competition and a test by many riders.
At Eurobike 2015, Fox shows their most popular forks in various tire size, as the 27.5+ getting more popular. Mostly their 34 series fork that will be available in 27.5 inch, 27.5+, and also 29 inch.

RST Rebel Inverted Fork Prototype
RST may be not a huge brand and not so popular out there, but they have been developed some new forks after their new range forks several times ago. At Eurobike 2015, RST tries to make public watch about what they have been built. They have an inverted fork, the RST Rebel Inverted prototype fork.

It is interesting to see how's public response to this product. But, RST is brave enough to build a different fork. Inverted fork maybe is not popular after Rockshox releases their RS-1. So, just wait about what happen to this fork next.

Cane Creek Inline Coil Prototype
Cane Creek turns to be one of the popular shock product since their first appearance few years ago. Their Double Barrel shock has been installed on many bikes and used by many riders. At Eurobike 2015, Cane Creek reveals new prototype for their shock, the DB Inline Coil. 
DB Inline is one of their most-used shock. They also bring new technology on their new shock - not a really new technology - but at least this technology is new for Cane Creek. They give Climb Switch for their new shock products.

Prototype BOS Micro Shock
BOS also bring their prototytpe shock to the Eurobike 2015 event. The prototype will be available in three different lenght option; 165mm, 184mm, and 190mm. This BOS Micro - the shock name - actually has been introduced at Sea Otter last year.

So, have decided which parts will be installed for the bike next? Just enjoy the event, and get some preparation because there will be more parts at this event. (pic: vitalmtb.com)


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