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Eurobike 2015: New Bike from Norco and Bulls

Ton of the parts and bikes are here at Eurobike 2015. Which one get your interest? From many bikes, some of them are shown here and again you will see two new bikes from Norco and Bulls. Norco maybe is popular but not with Bulls, though this is actually good bike. 

At first sight, this Norco's new bike is pretty similar with Rocky Mountain. But sure, this is Norco, the newest Revolver FS, which is a 27.5 and 29 inch wheeled bike and regarded as cross country bike. The manufacturer says that the Revolver will be their lightest and stiffest cross country bike that they have ever built. 
The Norco Revolver FS adopst the A.R.T rear end system, a Norco's system that optimized the Four Pivot Suspension System. This A.R.T system claims will make the pedalling efficient on climbing. Norco is preparing the Revolver in various models; the 27.5 inch model will come in four different models, and the 29er will come in four models also.
Prices: Norco Revolver 29 FS:
Norco Revolver 9XX FS: 7.999 €
Norco Revolver 9.1 FS: 5.199 €
Norco Revolver 9.2 FS: 3.999 €
Norco Revolver 9.3 FS: 3.099 €
Prices: Norco Revolver 27.5 FS:
Revolver 7XX FS: TBA
Revolver 7.1 FS: 5.199 €
Revolver 7.2 FS: 4.199 €
Revolver 7.3 FS: 3.299 €

Bulls becomes also the participant at Eurobike 2015 and they bring a new enduro machine, which is a good one; nice frame design. The Bulls Wild Creed Enduro Bike, which is a 160mm both rear and frotn and comes in lightweight just at 13.9 kg. 

Bulls builds the Wild Creed with the base from their world cup downhill bike, so this new bike will have quality as their downhill machine. In other words, Bulls turns their downhill monster into an enduro machine nicely. The Wild Creed will be priced at 3,999 € with Shimano XTR and 2,999 € with Shimano XT drivetrain option. (pic: enduro-mtb.com)


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