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New Product: BrakeForceOne H2O - When Oil is too Mainstream

Have you ever imagined that water can be the best substitution for the oil on your brakeset? It may sounds weird, or even impossible. If you think that's impossible, just look closer to the new product of brakeset which is called BrakeForceOne H2O - or BFO H2O. The German brand releases a brakeset product, such an innovation on mountain bike technology because they use water for the brakeset, not oil just like other brakeset products out there.
The manufacturer has their own opinion about the usage of water for the BFO H2O brakeset. They said that water is the better and higher transfer rate related the heat on the disc. With the higher transfer rate, the brakes will be able to resist the heat better than oil. The issue about environment also become the reason; manufacturer says that water is more friendly to the environment. There will be no leaked oil when crash. It will be no problem with winter also, because it mixes glycol 20%.
As this brakeset is using new technology, the overall brakeset also gets new design, mostly on the caliper which is smaller. But despite the caliper is smaller, it is claimed to be more stable and stiffer. BFO H2O is also easy for the maintenance, as there is a plug connection for the cable and attached in the caliper. To adjust the cable lenght is not a big problem anymore, even if the tools are limited. Just cut the cable and plug. The discbrake is available in various sizes, from 140mm to 203mm. 

Advantages of BFO H2O brakes 
Water (available everywhere) instead of oil. The glycol to add to the mix can be purchased from any car dealer.
Higher braking power
More defined pressure point
Greater modulation
Less finger power needed
The plug connection means you can shorten the cables without tools.

This brakeset will be priced at 297 € and 594 € for the complete set, and will be available in October this year. It is interesting to see the people's respond to this product, and of course the other competitors.


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