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New Product: X-Fusion Revel Downhill Fork

The newest upside-down downhill fork from X-Fusion finally released. This model is the manufacturer's most popular fork and for the 2016, the Revel receives some improvements to give better performance. For fans who want to be different, this fork can be considered as the choices, together with another inverted downhill forks on the market such as DVO and Manitou (and also RST, but it seems that their inverted fork is still a prototype and no information about the final production).
Unfortunately, the inverted X-Fusion Revel fork will be produced limited, just around 250 for the world. 200 forks will get the sleek black finish, and the other 50 will get the gold fork legs. And the manufacturer said that the fork will be available next year. Some updates of this fork such as the HLR damping for better adjustment rebound, and better axle with 20 mm axle for better performance.
The top crown will also get re-touch and will be different than previous version of Revel. The top crown will have larger offset, and some re-touch on the legs. These new touch will make the new Revel looks better. And like other products made, X-Fusion moves to produce their fork from United States to Taiwan. 

But there is no clear information about the price yet. But, for the newest edition of inverted Revel fork, it will adopt both 27,5 and 29 inch wheels. If you want to get more information about this product, keep the eyes of the news. Or you can simply visit their website at xfusionshox.com. (pic: enduro-mtb.com).


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