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New Product: VAUDE Moab Flat Shoes

Just like the pedals, shoes also available in two versions; the clip and the flat. Despite that, the road shoes is different with mountain bike shoes. Special for mountain bike shoes, the Five Ten is the most famous and most-used shoes both clip and flat. There are also another shoes manufacturers but it seems that Five Ten is the most popular. But, for the people who want to get out from the mainstream, there are several options of shoes and one of them is VAUDE that releases new products of flat pedal shoes. Together with those shoes, VAUDE also releases the jacket. Then, what VAUDE offers to the fans through their products?

VAUDE releases several models of shoes and all of them are flat shoes, though they are stand behing the same name, the Moab. Those Moab shoes will be Moab AM, Moab Low AM, and Moab Mid STX. Each models will have two color options, but the fans have to wait because those shoes are ready in February 2016. 

The Moab AM is the first line of the newest products from VAUDE. This shoes is the most affordable model but this shoes is not adopting the Green Shape features. Green Shape is the feature offered by VAUDE for their newest shoes products which gives guarantee that both materials and the method for the production is be focused on the performance and sustainability.
The Moab AM is adopting the Vibram sole, which is combining two different rubber types. The Moab AM will be priced at 120 €.

The second from the recent products from VAUDE, the Moab Low AM is said by the manufacturer to be a bit more expensive than the first, the Moab AM. VAUDE Moab Low AM is adopting the Green Shape to guarantee the sustainability of the shoes.
The VAUDE Moab Low AM is perfect for anyone who want to be stylish while riding, because this shoes is produced nicely and also good looking. The Moab Low AM with Green Shape will be priced at 140 €.


The last product of newest VAUDE shoes, and regarded as the highest line of the new VAUDE Moab shoes. The Moab Mid STX, based on the manufacturer it will be the first waterproof mountain bike shoes (Teva, with the Links shoes also offers waterproof, but this shoes seems not to be popular). (pic: enduro-mtb.com)


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