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Tour de Jogja Bike Fest 2013

Indonesia will have two big cycling events, with the existence of Tour d' Singkarak which always become event every year, the upcoming new international cycling event will be held in this 2013 in Yogyakarta, the city where all Indonesian culture is here. Yogyakarta regarded as Indonesia mini, because this city always becomes the purpose, mostly in education and tourism. To support the cycling campaign, the International Cycling Festival called Tour de Jogja Bike Fest 2013 will be the next great event of cycling in Indonesia. This event is the result of partnership between Yogyakarta Tourism Agency and PT. Citra Gentari Indonesia, and supported by Indonesia National Racer, Mrs. Nurhayati. The cycling event will be held in 5 to 6 October 2013, to surpass 170 km and 130 km.
First Day 
Tour de Jogja Bike Fest 2013 will be classiffied in several classes; Fast, Medium, and Normal, with the special race Nurhayati Cup Race which is divided into two categories; Individual Road Race and Team Time Trial. The participants have to face the big wall in the first day, because theya have to climb high wall to get the first base. But once they surpass, the great scenery of Hindia Ocean can be enjoyed which is very helpful to restore the energy. In the second day, the straight and long road is dominating which can make bore. The variation of climbing just in little parts, but better if the participants prepare the energy. 
Second Day
This upcoming event is the event to campaign to the people that cycling is very useful and good for health. Brotherhood, unity, sportsmanship also become the purpose in this event. The participants have to register first, as a team or individual, and all the registration will be used to complete the regulation and needs as long as the participants are in this event. The participants are free to use mountain bike or road bike. For next year, the similar event will also be held in the different place and of course will offer different challenge for the participants. The next year event will be the Tour de Bintan Bike Fest 2014. For more information and regulation about Tour de Jogja Bike Fest 2013, click here.


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